Freedom at work = freedom in life

My personal reflections following 8 months of immersion into freedom and democracy at work. Since being introduced to the ways of @WorldBlu by that super connector @PerryTimms earlier in 2017, I have been on nothing short of a personal transformational journey since. The Power Question WorldBlus visionary leader is @tracifenton who I had the pleasure […]

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The Workforce of the Future

  There is an awful lot of messaging around what the future of work could or should look like, but are we doing enough NOW to help bring any future vision to life?  What personal accountability are we all taking today, to try and help move the dial on future ways of work? I ask […]

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Do we live in 2017 or 1917 ? / Learning every day – part 2

My reflections in part 1 – – of this 2-part blog series led me to cross reference a range of studies recently around engagement and productivity as below. Mission, Purpose & Values Should it matter that only 1 in 5 employees, at best, believe in their organisations mission (row 2 below), the results of which are […]

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