#SelfCareWeekly – The start of some regular mental downtime for all of us as individuals..??

The inaugural #SelfCareWeekly chat happened on Tues 24th April 2018.  The first question was as follows: The idea for this chat came from a highly engaging and reflective #LearnConnectDo led by Helen Amery https://twitter.com/WildFigSolns & Janice Keyes https://twitter.com/janicekeyes in March of this year (the blog from that event can be found here: https://valuethroughvulnerability.com/2018/03/16/march-2018-learn-connect-do-on-self-care/ What is self-care?  […]

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Bullying – It has to stop!

What is Bullying?  According to the Oxford English dictionary: What I find most interesting is the paradox between this definition of a bully being someone that targets people that they perceive to be vulnerable (weak in this context), yet I and so many others right now are talking about the power of being vulnerable i.e. […]

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March 2018 Learn, Connect, Do event on ‘Self care’

Yesterday saw Helens (https://twitter.com/WildFigSolns) first Learn, Connect, Do of 2018 with the excellent support of Janice Keyes (https://twitter.com/janicekeyes) from Mind over Matter Coaching. The event took place in the very cool & funky PKF Cooper Parry East Midlands office https://twitter.com/PKFCooper_Parry who are ranked as one of the top 100 companies to work for, and on face value, […]

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NextJump …….. next level

Before reading the book Deliberately Developmental Organisations 18 months ago, I was unaware of NextJump. I had the pleasure of attending a NextJump culture tour in London on Friday 26th Jan 2018. When deciding whether or not I should write a blog as a superb review of NextJump and their culture has already been done […]

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Freedom at work = freedom in life

My personal reflections following 8 months of immersion into freedom and democracy at work. Since being introduced to the ways of @WorldBlu by that super connector @PerryTimms earlier in 2017, I have been on nothing short of a personal transformational journey since. The Power Question WorldBlus visionary leader is @tracifenton who I had the pleasure […]

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