I was a little amused seeing the above description of connection and how it differed in meaning with North America ! gun problem? …….never! I observed something really interesting (to me!) last week. Whilst travelling into central London on the train last week, the Thameslink train was totally, 100% rammed!  Standing room only, hot and […]

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“Soft Skills” …..It’s time for a mindset shift & refocusing of language

I have been becoming increasingly frustrated at the ‘throw -away’ nature for those most human of skills such as communication, listening, collaboration, problem solving, creativity etc under the phrase ‘soft skills.’ I was reminded of this when listening to the most excellent talk between Kelly Swingler and Vicky Holdworth this evening: At a time of […]

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Bullying – It has to stop!

What is Bullying?  According to the Oxford English dictionary: What I find most interesting is the paradox between this definition of a bully being someone that targets people that they perceive to be vulnerable (weak in this context), yet I and so many others right now are talking about the power of being vulnerable i.e. […]

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March 2018 Learn, Connect, Do event on ‘Self care’

Yesterday saw Helens ( first Learn, Connect, Do of 2018 with the excellent support of Janice Keyes ( from Mind over Matter Coaching. The event took place in the very cool & funky PKF Cooper Parry East Midlands office who are ranked as one of the top 100 companies to work for, and on face value, […]

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