What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read the title of this blog – Investment?





Assets? etc

The top image to this blog is what showed up when I added the word investment into Google Images.  Everything is a metric or money focussed.

What is the definition of investment then, I thought?  I researched a range of different definitions and found one that had something that did not mention metrics or money as follows:

invest defo

Sign of the times

This same view as to what investment means, for me, is why people feel increasingly lonely at work, global engagement statistics remaining stubbornly low at 1 in 3 being fully engaged (at best) and mental health is rapidly on the rise.

So many people feel that they are a literally a ‘cost’ on the balance sheet of (especially work) life, and not unique individuals that all house an abundance of potential.  “What get’s measured get’s done'” – I call BS on this term.

“A devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy etc as for a purpose or to achieve something” – that was the last of 6 descriptors from the above definition (Is that just layout or us that based on algorithmic search patterns – I don’t know?)

Either way, the fact that I found it so hard to find a non-money/metric definition for the term investment was interesting to me and therefore, I have a challenge as to what the term investment could and should mean for this #futurefwork that we are currently and will increasingly accelerate into.

The future definition of ‘Investment.’

“Actions, energy or time channeled towards unleashing the innate brilliance that sits within every human being.”

Language is so pervasive, and important, in every area of life, but especially when we are talking about making the most of our one shot at living the best version of our Human experience (HX) whilst physically on this planet.

So why the above definition?

  • Today, too often, time spent on personal development, reflection and stopping is seen as a cost and not an investment due to the often out of date measuring systems and market systems that operate


  • We come into our lived experience on this planet as a 10/10 when we are born – We are full of wonder, curiosity, and thirst for learning, all of which get progressively socialised out of us as we age.  It does not have to be this way and I have only started to feel a 9/10 out of 10 over the past 18 months after decades of telling myself I was a 2/10 or 3/10 at best


  • I genuinely believe that we are all brilliant in our own way but can over-think our way away from this.  We all have a unique view of the world that only we can see (ref: Nilofer Merchant) and thus we need to int emotionally using our own lives and our workplaces such that we can truly see these unique traits in every person.  I wrote about Nilofer’s amazing book below:

I feel that too often people forget that the reason that outcomes exist at all is that of the human beings that deliver them.

My core message here is that at a time of Moore’s Law exponentially spiking in technological terms, we are on the verge of a potential, exponential spike in Human Experience (HX) / value-add, but we need to harness this energy and innovation by seeing every action, breath, and idea as an investment in the future and never as a cost.

To do this we need to create the space, presence and an ability to connect on a much deeper human level, than we have given ourselves permission to do for generations.  I wrote about this recently below:

Presenteeism, fear & lying/hiding/faking do not add anything to the human experience to outcomes.  They are detractors and indeed true costs.

Investing in ourselves, however, can only ever be a good thing and something that will fuel not only our outcomes at work, but also our soul on the inside.

Why not #HaveCourage and invest in yourself from tomorrow as this new FREE Online Summit starts called have Courage and will feature these 23 incredible speakers:

I hope the above resonates but please feel free to challenge or feedback as you desire- all feedback welcomed.


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