Time to talk – this is me

Moving, poignant yet hopeful – I love Lucy’s writing in this personal blog. She is a star

Rise and fall of Tigger

time to talk

Today is #TimetoTalk. Today I feel I have been the given permission to talk about me without fear of judgement or repercussion. Today is an ok day to talk about mental health but maybe tomorrow isn’t? So just in case, no one wants to talk tomorrow I thought I’d talk to me today and leave my conversation on a page for when it’s ok to talk again. Tomorrow we might not have time to talk, instead of talking we might be flying a kite. Apparently, Friday 8th is Kite flying day, so let’s talk today and go fly a kite tomorrow.


So what do you want to talk about? Anyone who has ever been to a therapist or a counsellor will recognise and dread this question. There are some days I know what I want to talk about, something has upset me, I’ve had a flashback, I’m feeling worthless etc…

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