Following attendance at a Quality of Mind 3 day retreat led by Piers Thurston from Making Change Work last week, I felt the need to re-blog this post as if I as to write it again, I would title it “re-connection.”

I will reflect/write in more detail at a later date but a few days after completing this most deeply profound of learning experiences, it seems to me that so much of what I strive to change & improve about the world that we all live in/on, from the outside-in, starts from the ‘inside-out’ i.e to make any meaningful impact on anything outside of ourselves, we must first understand that everything, 100% of our human experience operates from the ‘inside-out. i.e. we start connected and from a place of well being and we only become disconnected as we layer our thoughts, feelings, fears etc

I will leave it there for now, but in case anyone is interested, here is the podcast I did with Piers BEFORE attendance on his course.—Piers-Thurston-from-Making-Change-Work-e1h06v


I was a little amused seeing the above description of connection and how it differed in meaning with North America ! gun problem? …….never!

I observed something really interesting (to me!) last week.

Whilst travelling into central London on the train last week, the Thameslink train was totally, 100% rammed!  Standing room only, hot and stuffy.


At this more difficult of travelling times, I found it really interesting that:

  • A man was sitting on the aisle seat, marking his territory basically telling anyone to go away and not to ask him to move
  • On a group of 6 seats, the middle seats on both sides was left empty between a mix of men & women

Neither of these situations is unusual.  I am as guilty as the next person of doing these same things, well more 2) than 1) to be honest, but nevertheless, these societal norms are so common…

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