#SelfCareWeekly – What stops you maintaining or building your self-care habits? Main takeaways

The 2nd ever #SelfCareWeekly twitter chat took place last night and with the following question from https://twitter.com/WildFigSolns :

self care question 1 - Tues 1st May 2018 (Helen Amery).png

To build in some extra context, Helen Amery who owns and runs Wild Fig Solutions was recently my first podcast guest to discuss the topics of self awareness and vulnerability and within this came up the theme of #selfcare in terms of regular meditation that Helen carries out -The podcast can be found here for anyone that may be interested:


Key themes over the last two weeks

I have found it really interesting to observe that some common themes are showing up, time and time again, after just two weeks of running this weekly Twitter chat as follows;

1. Sleep

2. Mindset

3. Accountability

4. Prioritsation

5. Habit creation

I have written the above from what I perceive & believe to be the natural cascading of challenge. i.e. If we do not get enough good quality sleep, are we going to wake up with a mindset of selfcare?

If we do not have the right mindset, are we going to take accountability for our selfcare, or be a victim to circumstance.

If we are being a victim, what impact will that have on the choices that we make around prioritisation of self and prioritisation of work?

In turn, what impact will the lack of sleep, fixed mindset, lack of accountability & sub optimal prioritisation have on us building effective habits?

Now this is not at all a scientific approach as you can see, but from a purely humanistic, ’cause and effect’ situation, I feel it is clear to see why, if we do not line up every part of the above, underpinned by effective selfcare and wellbeing of self, we run the risk of not looking after ourselves effectively which means we just cannot be the best parent, partner and work colleagues.

Effective #selfcare is critical to the effective operating of everyone & everything I would attest which is why it is so good that Mental Health and debunking the stigma around it is so important.

mental health

So what were some of the key discussion topics last night?


Annette - Barrier

put our own selfcare last

pleasing others

put our own selfcare last2

put our own selfcare last3

Gulit - parenting

fear and drive

I share the blog below that references the said 3 circle diagram:


Lara - Barrier

Procrastination - prioritisation


Garry-Jen solution

be kind to ourselves

One of my favorite solutions of the night 🙂



jen solution

habut creation


annette - sleepJulie starr solution


To wrap up this weeks #SelfCareWeekly key takeaways blog, it is worth noting as follows that these selfcare practices are a continuous improvement process.

There are no silver bullets and like most muscle memory/learning, we have to try and try again.

The benefits I feel and it appears we all know are significant, yet for a range of reasons whether guilt, lack of sleep, lack of accountability, poor habit creation or just the wrong mindset, we can disrupt and self-sabotage what could be transformative for us personally every single day…………

Do we not owe it to ourselves, our spouses, whatever that means to you, our children, our friends, our work colleagues and our society to give ourselves permission to have some downtime & #selfcare?  It is in everyone’s interest (collective) but has to start with us (individual)

risks of not practicing selfcare

Finally please find a link to a highly relevant blog from @juliestarrcoach




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