#SelfCareWeekly – The start of some regular mental downtime for all of us as individuals..??

The inaugural #SelfCareWeekly chat happened on Tues 24th April 2018.  The first question was as follows:

24th question.PNG

The idea for this chat came from a highly engaging and reflective #LearnConnectDo led by Helen Amery https://twitter.com/WildFigSolns & Janice Keyes https://twitter.com/janicekeyes in March of this year (the blog from that event can be found here:


What is self-care?  A definition can be found as follows:

Self care description

The above definition is and was more important than I first realised as Lara https://twitter.com/ asked an additional question quite early on during the this first we hope of many Twitter chats around #selfcare:

Great question - Lara

The diversity and range of feedback was really interesting prompting a number of new questions for future chats.

I feel that it is very helpful to share so I have taken the time to include a number of them here in case it is helpful for you the reader to try some new self-care practices:

Twitter 9

Twitter 8Twitter 7

Twitter 6

Twitter 5Twitter 4Twitter 3

Twitter 2

Twitter 1

I am confident that there is at least one idea above that every single person reading this blog could try tomorrow, to aid improved downtime and self-care.  If you do try please feed back to the #SelfCareWeekly to share progress or otherwise.

The ideas that jumped out to me were those more socialised options such as checking in with friends regularly, attending co-working events, going out for a walk at lunchtime etc

What is noticeable to me is that I do not do any of those regularly and I am male!  Maybe there is something in this, maybe not, but the fact that only myself & one other person whom participated in this first chat was male from approx. 20 people (and it was only the first chat) on #selfcare is also interesting.  Is it seen as too ‘soft’ to be talking about selfcare and thus will this chat always be heavily female biased?

No problem to me personally with this, I just find it an interesting dynamic and possibly representative of the wider evidence from @MHFA that men tend to self medicate vs talk about topics that are more emotional in nature, often leading to more serious outcomes of mental health:


A few other ideas as to possible interventions to aid improved self-care are as follows:








At this juncture I thought it may be helpful to share an image from the Self Care forum who advised that self-care occurs along a continuum.

Like so many things in life, the management of our own self-care is not linear nor always predictable and it is our accountability, nobody else’s as hard as that may be sometimes, to look after ourselves first.  it is often cited that those that work in HR for example, spend so much time supporting, resolving and caring or others, that they often do not look after themselves / their CPD / their development.

The improved awareness of self and of those around us can go a long way towards improving our own levels of self-care and in turn self worth (future questions at #SelfCareWeekly will touch on this by end of May 2018):

Self care continuum

To reference Laras question above again is helpful when reviewing this continuum.

  • What is someone with apparent poor self-care doing or saying?
  • Are they always eating unhealthily?
  • What is their lifestyle like e.g do they binge drink, are they getting sleep etc, are they exercising?
  • Mental health challenges – are you/we aware of any?

Further feedback/insight following the Twitter chat earlier this week included:


Janice - summary takeaways


I asked if anyone felt that the chat could be changed to a different time or structured differently with some helpful feedback suggesting shortly session or a change in design of the session.

For next weeks chat we will trial 2 questions of 30 mins each, but of course people can continue the discussion outside.  Also no pressure on anyone to attend, but the more the merrier 🙂

Please always use the hashtag #SelfCareWeekly wherever possible in replies or quotes that so it helps us all pick up any feedback & ideas easily 🙂

Thanks to everyone so far for their interest and encouragement around such an important topic, one that I hold closely to my heart due to my own lack of self-care leading to mental health challenges 18 months ago.

be mindful of your own #selfcare and of those around you and I hope to see you at next weeks #SelfCareWeekly Twitter chat on Tuesday 1st May at 1900pm.






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