Freedom at work = freedom in life

Following WorldBlus recent website update, I thought people might be interested to review this blog. Truly a first class organisation doing great work.

My personal reflections following 8 months of immersion into freedom and democracy at work.

Since being introduced to the ways of @WorldBlu by that super connector @PerryTimms earlier in 2017, I have been on nothing short of a personal transformational journey since.

The Power Question

WorldBlus visionary leader is @tracifenton who I had the pleasure to meet at their “The Power Question” workshop in London during April 2017, alongside her colleague and master coach @mirandaash

So what did attendance at the Power Question do for me personally?

  •  It gave me a safe space to better understand what democracy at work actually meant and what difference it could make both to my organisation but most importantly to me personally


  • The workshop offered a systemic way to unpick, better understand and move forward from my personal fears whether that be avoidance, ego or anything else.

 One of…

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