Will 2017 be the year humanity returns to society?………….

2016 has been a tough year on many fronts. The loss of so many ‘genuine’ celebrities, Brexit, the US election, the ongoing atrocities in Syria and a range of natural disasters.

I see 2016 as the year that “the straw broke the camel’s back,“ people were and are tired at the lack of change and the emptiness of promises made by those in the political elite, although I must say, they have a thankless task!

Equally through a negative UK (and wider) media (I choose to watch the news for 15 mins once per month as it gives me little value!) and too much ‘groupthink’ around what does not work in the UK and further afield, individuals are forgetting they have choices, many more than they realise. They can secure knowledge and they can grow, for little cost (if any) but maybe the choice of a brand new UK political system was the first step in making a choice, whatever your view on the result….?  But was that based on growth and/or knowledge ……?

I do not hear enough suggestions, solutions and proposals around what people would do to make a difference? Maybe those that are most unhappy can sign up and be part of one or more of the below movements in 2017?

However, despite all of these challenges, I feel positive for 2017. I have met, worked closely with and been motivated by a wide range of inspirational people in 2016.

Some of whom I work closely with at www.imcdgroup.com, such as Barry Ferguson, Chris Young, Stefanie Schmidt, Guido Smit, Ian Donovan and Alen Guy in particular during 2016.

Some I have networked with via my passion for continuous improvement through and not in spite of people such as Helen Amery (@WildFigSolns), Perry Timms (@PerryTimms ), Paul Taylor (@NHSE_PaulT) & Simon Heath (@SimonHeath1).  There are many others via www.twitter.com who challenge me and provoke reflection, I sincerely appreciate this.

A key highlight personally for me in 2016 was Shauna O’Handley’s (@F3Peep) presentation at the @CIPD  L&D show around how @MisysFS are using @simonsinek    golden circle “why, how, what” model in real life.  @WildFigSolns shared only recently that the original  @TEDTalks is now 10 years old, yet so many organisations still operate without a clear shared purpose for their employees to buy into, a key contributor to the feeling of inhumanity at times.

Two people whom I have never met before but I feel completely inspired by in 2016 are:

  • Margaret Heffernan (@M_Heffernan) whom I was completely in awe of with regards her simple message at #cipdACE16 “social collaboration is the key to productivity
  • In addition Shawn Achor (@shawnachor) following the reading of his book The Happiness Advantage and his ongoing research around positive psychology remains a key motivator for me

On balance, our ability as humans to believe that we are not the polished article is going to be the key differentiator in the future, both at work and as a society. A recent talk by an www.imcdgroup.com IMCD US colleague talked about the key differentiators of their business being growth and knowledge. When did you last reflect on your value to yourself, your family, your community & your work organisation through these two key values?  Do you strive to increase both your personal knowledge and growth (growth mindset) or does your fixed mindset ego tell you otherwise?

I am convinced that with movements such as those below, we have a very real chance to make society humane again:

  • Hugh Evans Global Citizen (@GlblCtzn)
  • The fantastic work by NCS The Challenge @NCSTheChallenge to build a more inclusive UK society (anyone reading this please ensure your 15-17 years olds take part, only £50 for 4 weeks of activity), that I was proud to be a part of this year as both an Enterprise Practitioner and as a dragon
  •  The Global Goals putting pressure on governments all over the world to focus on key areas of equality, diversity and inclusion @TheGlobalGoals

My personal aim for 2017 and beyond is to enact as much positive change and happiness as possible on myself, those around me and hopefully those further afield too by focussing on knowledge and growth sharing, in all directions.

Continuous improvement of ourselves will lead to continuous improvement of our organisations and our societies; we just all need to want it enough.

What will you do in 2017 to help ensure that our society is more humane?………

Wishing one and all a Happy New Year and a positive and happy start to 2017.

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