2015 an inspirational year of self discovery

IMCD UK L&D – 02-10-15As I plan to sit down for our family Christmas Day munchathon (I can get this added into the Oxford dictionary I am sure!) on Boxing Day, I have just finished reading @DanielPink book “Drive-The surprising truth about what motivates us”

As an inexperienced blogger with next to no following, why should there be? :-), Dan Pinks last chapter about a discussion around the messages from within his book, good and bad, has prompted me to further reflect on this book, but also my last 3 years in a wider context.

I entered Q4 2013 feeling frustrated, motivation starting to wane in a work context and frustrated with on-going weight gain, but with little rationale as to why I had that much to be unhappy about.  I had a nice car, was paid fairly, lovely family, great friends, gorgeous girlfriend etc

Then it dawned on me, as per the above sentence and in hindsight following reading Dan Pinks Drive, I am personally far more driven by intrinsic motivators than I am by extrinsic motivators.

Garry Turner is Type I (Intrinsically motivated, requiring a 3.0 operating system) and not Type X (extrinsically motivated running on the 20th centuries 2.0 operating system, around carrot and sticks rewards)

At the same time @simonsinek “start with why” was resonating more than ever.  Why do I do what I do?  Yes we have bills, yes we have a car, yes we want to go on holiday, but really WHY was I doing what I did – I did not have a personal purpose which was frustrating me.

Unbeknown to me during Q4 2013 by challenging my organisation to open its eyes more seriously to the people agenda, by investing my time and some company resources into investigating the state of motivation and engagement within our organisation, our organisational development and learning and development journey commenced which was in hindsight an internal review as to how do we move from operating system 2.0, to operating system 3.0.

The results of which, as of December 2015, 2 years later, can be seen in part within the attached successes and progress but the ultimate success factor of the project so far has been the open communication by our MD that our next 3 year plan (clear shared vision and goals) is a fundamental pillar to supporting future success which includes helping every colleague be the very best that they can be within their respective role i.e. how do we help every colleague and employee feel and espouse autonomy, mastery and purpose within their role, from which we shall generate the necessary profits and returns.

The progress made to date has been a huge team effort, but it has been a ‘bottom up’ process led by similar minded change advocates that share the view that operating system 3.0 is the only way to go longer term, although this context I would not have been able to share before reading Drive.

So back to my 2015 reflection.  I am over a stone lighter than 12 months ago, I am enjoying my job more than I have done in many years as I feel that I have more or less full autonomy, I have the chance to get close to mastery of my role and the key point, I now have a personal purpose that aligns with both my personal life and my work career – Trying to facilitate a positive impact on peoples life’s through helping every person be the very best that they can be.

I feel blessed that I experience regular periods of ‘flow’ during my work, I work with a bunch of inspiring people, many of whom will be future leaders I am sure, and I am confident that the purpose motive is truly becoming as important as the profit motive, something that has to continue to evolve if we are to see inequality, in all of its guises, rebalance.

Talking to my mother yesterday she reflected on a key point with me.  My personal purpose that I have ‘found’ during 2015 is not so dissimilar  to those visionaries that are decades ahead of my thinking ! lol  Richard Branson (Virgin), Dame Anita Roddick (Body Shop), William Lever (Unilver) – Their businesses have grown exponentially on the back of doing ‘good business’ with people and communities at the heart of their business model, not with profit as to the sole focus, which in the end is a result of what we do, and not a purpose in itself.

This offers a very simple account as to why we experienced the 2008-09 banking/financial crisis  -Short term carrot and stick bonus structures based on operating system 2.0 lead to greed, excessive risk tasking and cheating of the system with no compassion or wider context as to the impact of those decisions, which cost us all dear.

To coin a Branson quote “train people well enough that they can leave, motivate them well enough that they don’t want too”

In the end, we all have choices.  Some of us have more than others based on where we were born of course, but we all have choices.

My challenge to myself and to those around me and that I come into contact with, are what choices are you and we going to make in 2016 that will help clarify or define what your personal purpose is?  Why do you do what you do and are you happy doing it?  From there do you have the freedom and autonomy to fulfil that purpose and will you have the opportunity to try and master your work and personal life, such that you can achieve regular periods of ‘flow’

From someone that is not normally a bookworm, I highly recommend that every single human being that is awake today, purchases Drive and enjoys the time out to reflect.  I certainly have and wish anybody that reads this a safe, enjoyable and personally fulfilling 2016.



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